Saturday, May 30, 2009

Green and Loving It!

Green Drink Video

When I first started my raw foods journey, I found the easiest way to get raw foods into me was to blend them. I was making soups and lots of fruit shakes. At the time, I was craving spinach and coconuts. I tried putting them together in my blender with an orange and surprisingly it was really good! At first I thought it was a little wierd, but later learned that it was just perfect! I will be forever grateful to the research that Victoria Boutenko put into Green Drinks and her book "Green For Life" . It totally changed the way I looked at my living food diet, and now I drink a variety of green drinks everyday! I love them!

Stay Green!


Diane said...

Hi, Julia. Just found your blog. I am new to doterra, but not to essential oils. I considered going raw and got as far as buying a juicer and juicing vegetable and fruit juices. They are yummy. I admire your raw commitment.

Anonymous said...

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