Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Juice Feasting

This week has been eventful!
I found out that my anemia got worse with our move to Utah. Something about the atmospheric pressure in the mountains is less than Las Vegas, and now my iron levels plummeted. No wonder I've been so tired!! I'm usually better about getting good iron in my diet, because I have always tended to be a little anemic. But it really got away from me this time. I'm starting off this week with a juice feast http://www.juicefeasting.com/
My dear friend Melissa introduced me to the idea. www.rawmelissa.com
She met David and Katrina on a trip to California and came home so excited about the concept.
A few years ago, my husband and I tried juicing for 10 days and had a wonderful experience with it, so when I researched juicefeasting, it made so much sense to me!
This week I will work on getting my iron levels up and building my blood. The bonus is, my kids are LOVING all the juicing going on and want to try out my concoctions... to a point! Anything remotely brownish in color gets the thumbs down, so I try to disguise the red and green mixes with purply stuff like blueberries, or beets.

On a side note.. I re-injured my tailbone! UGH.
I'm learning so much in my herbal studies at Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing. He has a formula for cell regrowth called BF&C (bones, flesh and cartilage) that I'm taking to heal it up. Danny, my 14 year old son broke his ankle last month and I put him on it. His healing time was remarkable! I'm excited to see how fast I can heal up!

Another fun thing happened today... my sister got published in this month's Latter Day Woman magazine! I'm SO proud of her. She has always had such a way with words. Latter Day Woman Oct/Nov 2008 she did the article on Home Based Businesses.
Its interesting timing for me, as I am evaluating my time at work and at home. My husband asked me to balance the home a little better, and I am prayerfully looking at ways to keep my little business thriving and my home humming. It seems like this is a constant process, as the needs of my children change as they grow. Right now I have four teenagers at home, and my two youngest. In some ways I have more time than I used to when they were small, and in some ways it can be just as hectic! I'm so grateful for the guidance from a loving Heavenly Father, and am excited to see where He wants me to go with all this.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is planning day for meals. I make raw meals on Wednesday and pickups are in the evening. I'm thinking if I work on meals over two days instead of jamming it all into one day, it will allow me to break up the times and be home when the kids get home on Wednesday. We'll see how it goes over the next few weeks.

Oooh! Something to try out... its one of the scary looking juices that my kids wont touch, but I have fallen in love with this stuff!

Juice of 5 carrots
Juice of 5 stalks of celery
Juice of 2 cups of spinach
Juice of one bunch of parsley
Juice of one small beet
Mix together and drink.

It makes a lot! But its wonderful stuff. I originally made it without the beet when my husband and I did that 10 days of juicing, but with my anemia, I decided to add the beet and it turned out awesome! At least that's what my body is telling me.

Have a fantastic week! Let me know what you think of the Juice Feasting!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Nuts about coconuts!

Coconuts taste fantastic! Besides the incredibly amazing experience one can have when eating coconuts, there are many other reasons to eat this wonderful delicacy! The young coconut is a natural isotonic beverage, with the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood. In fact, during the Pacific War of 1941-45, both sides in the conflict regularly used coconut water - siphoned directly from the nut - to give emergency plasma transfusions to wounded soldiers.
It's the fluid of life! Coconut water is the very stuff of nature, biologically pure, full of natural sugars, salts, and vitamins to ward off fatigue... it is the next wave of energy drinks BUT natural!
Used in smoothies, soups, milks, noodles, or as a base for deserts, coconuts lend their creamy texture and are high in vitamins and minerals. When used in the diet, it can assist in controlling weight. Coconut Oil with its medium-chain fatty acids produces energy, not fat!
Coconut meat and Coconut oil have been a major source of food and medicine for thousands of years by millions of people in tropical areas (Asia, PacificIslands, Africa, and Central America). These people have traditionally had better health than people in North America and Europe with less heart disease, cancer, digestive complaints or prostate problems
In the processing of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil no chemicals or high heat treatments are used. This oil contains no trans fatty acids and has the longest shelf life of any plant oil due to its anti-oxidant properties. Coconut Oil can be solid or liquid at room temperature, depending on the temperature of your home. It does not need to be refrigerated, but should be stored in a dark place or in a dark jar.
Some additional benefits of Coconut Oil include:
· Strengthens and boosts the immune system
· May aid in weight loss; it's lower in calories than other oils and boosts metabolism
· Conditions the skin and scalp (no dandruff) and may help thicken hair
· May help fight bladder and kidney infections
· May help Crohn's disease, leaky gut syndrome, colitis and digestive problems
· May prevent gum disease, dental cavities. A study of Pacific Islanders who never brushed their teeth, never flossed, didn't use mouthwash, and never saw dentists, showed they had exquisite dental health.
· Pacific Islanders use Coconut oil for ear infections, and to prevent flu and colds
· May help prevent enlarged prostate, herpes, parasites, mold and fungi
· May prevent epilepsy in children and adults
· Prevents heart problems, chronic fatigue, liver disease and food allergies
· May shrink ovarian cysts
· May help prevent an under-active thyroid due to lack of iodine, selenium and too many pollutants, pesticides, and mercury.
· Coconut Oil has lauric acid, with proven antiviral and antibacterial properties
· Coconut Oil helps improve mineral absorption, helps the gallbladder digest fats.
· Coconut Oil can be used to kill viruses
· May help with diabetes. It's vegetable oils that contribute to diabetes. Diabetics have no fear with Coconut Oil.
(from The Coconut Research Center)
There are many different kinds of coconut oil and many different manufacturing processes. It's best to use Organic, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil and well as eat fresh coconut meat and milk. Not all saturated fats are unhealthy. Those found in mother's milk and coconut oil are medium- chain fatty acids that have remarkable health benefits. Lauric Acid is also found in coconut oil and has great anti-viral properties.
Coconut Oil should be a major component of baby formula as it provides many of the same nutrients as human breast milk. Put it in your baby's bottles and in their cereal too.
The boost in energy from Coconut Oil is not like that of caffeine; it's subtle and lasts longer. Metabolism is elevated for at least 24 hours.
So eat your coconuts! Preferably with a straw and one of those little umbrellas stuck on the side, while soaking in a hot bath.
Websites to visit:
The Coconut Reseach Center
Coconut Reasearch by Coconut Oil.com
Research by Dr. Mary Enig
How to open a baby coconut

Try my favorite green coconut smoothie!

Green Monkey Face Smoothie
In a blender combine until smooth:
1 Chilled Young Thai Coconut- meat and milk
1 Orange
2 cups of Organic Baby Spinach
Add a little ice if desired